The Ultra Beasts (Japanese: ウルトラビースト Ultra Beast) are a group of extradimensional Pokémon originating from Ultra Space. They possess power that transcends humans' understanding of the world.

Ultra Beasts infrequently appear from Ultra Wormholes in Kulma. These appearances are apparently as unexpected for the Ultra Beasts as for those who live in Kulma, which tends to make them combative. They are especially drawn to people who have passed through an Ultra Wormhole, due to the residual wormhole energy on them, apparently expecting to find a wormhole they can use to return home.

Known Ultra Beasts

Seven Ultra Beasts in total frequent the Kulma Region, with each of them having a code name in addition to a real name.

UB Adhesive


UB Adhesive (Polioka)

Main article: Polioka

UB Adhesive (Japanese: UB Gum) is the first Ultra Beast.

UB Adhesive’s body is composed of a sticky, gum-like substance.

It is unknown why its body is extremely toxic, but it is believed that high radiation from its home world is the cause. They spit up globs of fluid that is known to be very adhesive. Due to the adhesiveness and elasticity of its body, it picks up nearly everything that it moves across, absorbing the items into its body. It is because of this, that it increases in size.

UB Dream


UB Dream (R.E.Massa)

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UB Dream (Japanese: UB Dream) is the second Ultra Beast.

Its home world is speculated to be in complete darkness, which is why it mainly acts at night. The threads in its body are comprised of dream energy, giving it the ability to put others in a deep slumber in order to feed off of them. They aren't known to be expressive at all, choosing to simply act in silence. The more dreams it absorbs, the stronger in becomes.

UB Strike


UB Strike (Sumastorma)

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UB Strike (Japanese: UB Strike) is the sixth Ultra Beast.

Electricity courses through its body, making it capable of decimating an entire skyscraper with a single bolt of lightning! Its two heads always act in unison, and are proposed to share a brain. When it is feeling angry, it unleashes a barrage of storm clouds that can overtake and vaporize anything that they come across. They often take residence on the tops of mountains in order to be up close to the clouds in the sky; they absorb electricity from the clouds there.

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